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Voice is not the same for everyone.
it is changing everyday but only by daily life also.
Happiness, sadness, painful,enjoyable.
All of the your emotions expressed in the "voice" .
Please check power of your voice that you don't know.

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by tapping the app.

You just say something
what you feel for 5 seconds to the iPhone. Your Aura image will be created.

[ What is Voice Aura? ]

Please think of [ Voice Aura ] as a tool similar to a mirror or a thermometer, which allows you to self-check your own state of mind 'easily at any time' and 'objectively', just by turning to your iPhone and speaking for five seconds.

Just as we have ups and down in our physical state, each and every one of us also has ups and downs in our mental state.The ups and downs of our physical state can be expressed for example by "my body feels light" or "my head feels heavy", and simple measurement tools such as thermometers also exist. Because an objective 'normal' exists for our physical state, we are able to judge the ups and downs on a standardized scale.
In addition, we are generally aware in our daily lives of the idea of 'training the body' to enhance our physical abilities.

However, when it comes to our mental state, the discussion differs somewhat. After all, even our impression of the words 'mental state' are somewhat vague, aren't they? *laugh*

In fact, a healthy mental state does exist, but at what time is our healthy mental states differs from person to person. This is because the mind is different to the body, and there are an infinite variety of 'personalities' for each person.

If we forcibly treat this on a standardized scale, things happen such as other people saying "are you okay?" even when the person themselves is in a normal state, and they'll be thinking to themselves "I've got to try harder!" despite not being able to try very hard, which will end up with them feeling that somehow things aren't going well at all.

For example, the impression of a 'positive mental state' is good, however in essence that is not 'this way of thinking is positive when it can be', but rather a state of 'individuality' manifesting from understanding the personality of each individual.In addition, if someone says 'train the mind', you will imagine unusual images such as Buddhist training or religious activities, but this is also the idea of understanding your personality and then 'developing strong points' and compensating for weak points', and is not so different from the idea of 'training the body'.

Well then, how do you come to understand your own personality?
Physical characteristics can be understood by looking in the mirror, but for your personality with its mental characteristics, there are things where your 'belief or lack of belief' take precedence, such as 'other people's assessment' and 'star signs / blood type analysis', as well as things where you analyze 'past actions and judgments' for results, and none of these are things that can easily be 'self-checked in the now'.

[ Voice Aura ] can be thought of as a useful tool so that our everyday will go by positively.
The approach is to try paying attention to your 'voice', so that you can easily self-check your mental state.

Within our voices, which we generally use carelessly, individual musical scales and musical steps exist for each person. To the degree that people can be recognized by voice through a 'voiceprint'.
And even with the same person's voice, the musical scale and musical step changes subtly from moment to moment. It is changing in various ways even through the details we speak of and the words we utter.

Main features

You can check the waveform colors strong or weak. And you simply touch the "color info." button to check the meaning of the colors anytime,anywhere.

You can save the image of the waveform easily and check the voice aura of the past.

You can post the images of your aura to the facebook or twitter.

Well then, let's explain about [ Voice Aura ] in a little more detail.

What [ Voice Aura ] makes uses of in its analysis is something called frequency.
All matter, including we humans, duplicate oscillatory motions, and possess individual frequencies.
And in a healthy state, the frequencies maintain a harmonious balance. However, when disconnected from the overall harmony, subtle deviations occur, and these are expressed in the intensity of the frequency.
Above all, the human voice is very unique, and the voice's frequencies change according to which part of the body they are in harmony with.

With [Voice Aura ], we consider that each part of our bodies possesses energy characteristics. The concept is that when you analyze your own voice by frequency, you can understand which part of your body's energy you are in harmony with, and you can know the state of your own energy from the characteristics of your voice.

In practice, first your voice is changed into frequencies, and then the state of the energy of each part of your body is expressed by a frequency band.
At that time, it is divided into 12 colors for each frequency band in a way that is easy to understand visually. For example, 'yellow' will be the state of the area from your solar plexus to your belly button, and green will be the state of the area around your chest. Next, the frequency data will be shown as a round waveform.
By the way, the name of this service, [Voice Aura ], is taken from this round waveform.

A keyword will be displayed for each of the 12 colors. This is a concise expression of the characteristics of the energy that each part of your body possesses.
Try to refer to the situations where the waveform has a strong color as 'Strong', and situations where the waveform has a weak color as 'Weak'.

The waveform will also change through things such as the words uttered, or your mental state at the time of speaking, however it will generally display a certain tendency so long as it is the same person.
By knowing this certain tendency, it becomes possible for us to understand our own personality.
And if we are able to understand our own personality, it becomes possible to 'easily' and 'objectively' self-check our mental state at the time with each check of our daily waveform, such as "today red seems stronger than usual" or "green seems weaker than yesterday".

Try actually speaking into your iPhone for 5 seconds.
A round waveform divided into 12 colors will be instantly displayed. And beneath the waveform, colors will be lined up from the left in order of strength expressed , and if you touch each of those colors, you will be able to see the characteristics that color possesses. Consider that for colors displayed as strong waveforms, that color's 'Strong' is easily expressed as your strong point, and for colors displayed as weak waveforms, that color's 'Weak' is easily expressed as your weak point.

We have tried to explain it simply, but there are many things you can test by using [ Voice Aura ]. For example, what kind of waveform when your spirits are high, what kind of waveform when you're feeling down, or even what kind of waveform your favorite music becomes.
It might also be interesting to try it with the voice of someone giving a lecture. First try using it in various ways in a playful sense. Then try testing it together with friends.
When you think "it's surprising how it can be used!", then we'd certainly like for it to be useful in your normal everyday life.

The specifications may differ depending on the version up.

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